Project Value £5.5m

This project was for the demolition of 2 buildings and the subsequent removal of all foundations and hardstandings. The diversion of an existing YW LIVE drain. The removal of all live services to the site. The grouting of the entire footprint of the three buildings to mine workings. The cut and fill of the site to achieve the required level profile.

The new build construction of 3 warehouse buildings containing 4 units comprising

Unit 1 3377.0 m2 inc Mezzanine (and office construction)

Unit 2 3066.0 m2 inc Mezzanine (and office construction)

Unit 3A 251.6 m2

Unit 3B 418.1 m2 inc Mezzanine

The construction of retaining walls and the installation of concrete yards and tarmac carparks