Location LEEDS

Project Value £5.5M

This scheme comprised of construction of 3 large high spec Industrial units and remediation of a former chemical plant within each unit offices were also included.Installation of 2 no bridges. Works also including the construction of access roads through the whole site.278 works to form new access from main road.

Landscaping works to whole site area including concrete yards and access road.

Contaminated material – a remediation exercise was carried out to avoid carting off non-hazardous material. As the site was constructed on a former chemical works, there were sections of the ground which were classed as contaminated and had to be removed. However, a detailed cut and fill exercise was carried out which mitigated the amount of cart off.

Water courses discovered on site – a temporary drainage proposal was accepted to temporarily divert running water prior to commencement. Alternative landscaping proposals to provide planting to slopes which would reduce water and stabilize bankings.

Discovery of an artesian well – this caused extensive water problems on the site which had to be sampled prior to removal to ensure it had not become contaminated by the ground. Soakaway drains were installed to remove the water from site into the beck, however due to the level of water and additional contamination discovered under one of the proposed units, a cost exercise was carried out and it was deemed cheaper to pile the building and ground slab , rather than excavating and carting off contaminated spoil, plus importing additional fill, plus dealing with the ground water.

Delays to client unit due to the well – this impacted the handover date for the MKM Builders Merchant unit. However, due to early reporting, we were able to look at providing early access for the client fit out team. This ensured that the unit was opened on the targeted date.

Works were adjacent to a live beck.