Project Value £1.5M

The works comprise the construction of an industrial assembly building for the testing of challenger tank gear boxes with a very high acoustic rating and the requirement for a specialist anti vibration concrete monolith block for testing. The build was on the area of a demolished facility within a live service yard area and bounded on 2 sides by the site boundary which resulted in the building being in an elevated position with restricted access. The build comprised of a two storey steel frame on deep dig mass fill foundations, with composite wall and roof cladding and full height internal blockwork with a double acoustic MF ceiling.

Due to the high acoustic requirements all internal and external doors were bespoke made and required to be blast proof.

Works include the provision of two 6.4 tonne overhead travelling cranes. The facility required an internal trenching system to allow for the clients internal fit out and supply routes for fuel, compressed air and high pressure water.