Location Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Project Value £972k

Heritage Quay is the official archive for the University of Huddersfield, acting as the guardian of the archives of other organizations, families and individuals dating back over 200 years.  Their 21st-century role is to collect and secure the future of archives, both digital and physical, to preserve them for generations to come, making them as accessible and available as possible.

The scheme comprised of alterations and refurbishments to provide the University with the facility to achieve their goals.

The completed project provides an open plan exhibition space in a gallery type room with adjoining group space.  A small acoustically controlled listening room and search room also leads off the main exhibition space, with staff offices and a staff kitchen forming back of house areas.

3 archive repositories were constructed to provide specialist storage facilities for boxed documents; commercial freezers to provide cold store conditions for photographic materials and an artefacts archive.  All the archive rooms have a 4 hour fire wall construction.