Triton were contacted by the Manchester Community Eruv in regards to our Premier Inn site at Heaton Park in Manchester

They were very concerned  that this was just above the site  storage area and after meeting  Lee Pattison one of our Site Managers  a  small display with the information provided by the Manchester Community is visible to all site operatives .

During our induction process the Eruv is discussed and to ensure its protection all operatives are made aware of its position. Moving forward all operatives have the option to observe the information and have a better understanding of the Eruv boundary and meaning.

Working with and alongside local communities is extremely important to Triton and wherever possible we are always very keen to work closely with  anyone who is affected by one of our schemes to ensure not only their safety  is protected but also the well being of the local community.


Thank you for meeting us and many thanks for your email this morning.

I have sent you a short description and background of an Eruv on my earlier email that you can use for your site staff.

We are hugely appreciative for your willingness to assist us in ensuring that the boundary remains intact and that you are taking an interest in our valued project. It is with partners such as yourself that give us immense encouragement that our project is worthwhile and that you are committed in ensuring there is open and continued dialogue throughout the project.

We will meet again whilst on our weekly Eruv inspection and look forward to your continued support and partnership.”

Kind Regards

Martin Katz – Project Manager

Manchester Community Eruv


“Dear Lee

Just reflecting on the past week, the first thing that comes to mind is the successful meeting my colleague Martin Katz and myself had with you on Friday.

I was pleased to see your eagerness to help our project even though the existing poles might be in the way of your building works. You were duly willing and helpful not to disturb them or cause us any inconvenience now or in the future. It is very rewarding  and satisfying to find people like yourself who are sensitive to the needs of others in such a way,”

Thanks once again,

Avigdor Grossberger ( Rabbi and Chief Inspector of the Manchester Eruv)